Turkey-Holland diplomatic war. Palada drops bomb: This is how Iohannis became President
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The diplomatic scandal between Turkey and the Netherlands is exceeding its limits. Sociologist Mirel Palada commented on the tense situation between Turkey and the Netherlands, giving as exemple the presidential and parliamentary elections in Romania.

By Tudor Curtifan 

After the Dutch authorities expelled a Turkish minister who was not allowed to attend a meeting in Rotterdam before the referendum organized by Erdogan, tensions went beyond imagination. There have been registered protests that degenerated into violence both in Rotterdam and in Ankara or Istanbul.

Sociologist Mirel Palade posted on his Facebook page regarding the situation:

”And do you know what the coolest part of it is? The Turkish official went to Germany and to Holland to partake in some meetings with Turkish CITIZENS and not just with ethnic Turks without citizenship. On Turkey internal politics issues. With Turkish people allowed to vote in the referendum that will be held soon in Turkey.

 [citeste si]

It's like the Dutch and the Germans and the French and the Brits and the Italians would have involved in Romanian Diaspora, in presidential or parliamentary elections, telling the morons abroad who to vote for, how to vote, whom to meet or not to meet in Romania.

But wait a second. They really got involved... how do you think Iohannis became president? Some principle-guided people. Some imperialists. You do like democracy, don’t you? What about justice? How you enjoy being ridden by neo-colonialists, you mother f... naive morons,” posted Mirel Palada.

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