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Animal mitologic, Georgeta Năpăruș
Animal mitologic, Georgeta Năpăruș
The first Artmark auction of contemporary art in 2017 and the 21st contemporary art auction since Artmark was launched (the first one was held in April 2011) was the best, ever since the establishment of the Romanian art market. 

By Magdalena Popa Buluc

There have been clear signs that the contemporary art market is on the right track and starting to behave as an active and important player.

Collage AN6, Roman Cotoșman

Here's why:

The highest total awarding value. Artmark auction on March 2nd had a total awarding value of 450,000, beating the initial record from July 2013, which was EUR 321,000.

Cosmos, Sultana Maitec

Most author records: Georgeta Năpăruș (Mythological animal, EUR 13,000), Sultana Maitec (Cosmos, EUR 12,000), Paul Neagu (EUR 10,000 for the painting entitled ”Iris”), Ion Nicodim (Trilogy, EUR 7,500), Sorin Dumitrescu (Quietness, EUR 5,500), Roman Cotoşman (Collage AN6 – EUR 2,750). Who have equaled their records: Jules Perahim (A strange outskirts, EUR 18,000), Napoleon Tiron (Bone, EUR 3,000), Marius Cilievici (Tenderness, EUR 2,500).

Iris, Paul Neagu

A record in duration and steps. Although conducted in a brisk and vigorous pace, the auction lasted almost 3 hours and involved numerous bidding steps for the reference works. Cosmos by Sultana Maitec and Iris by Paul Neagu were awarded after 25 bidding steps, and the famous Enigma by Adrian Ghenie has received a response after 24 steps (the work was awarded EUR 80,000).  


Quietness, Sorin Dumitrescu

Here is a real trend of interest for the Romanian contemporary art, on both local and international levels.


Trilogy, Ion Nicodim

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